When you go to visit another country and want the best experience, you not only need to know where to go but also what to expect while you’re there. Furthermore, what do people say that have been to where you’re going? The top South African Safaris have so much to offer travelers to the country, and specifically the five best Nelspruit Safaris are some of the best. Are you ready for an African adventure?

The word safari simply sounds exotic and interesting. It’s a vacation experience of a lifetime. I have a relative whose parents are from South Africa, and my uncle was born in north Africa. I have never personally been, but I’m telling you, looking at the 5 best Nelspruit Safaris makes me want to take a vacation like that for sure.

All of the safari tours you can take are unique and have their own adventures waiting for you. Some of the tours are in a luxury vehicle, while one I noticed was in a hybrid ATV type vehicle, which looked really cool to me. Alternatively, the van is an option. It can be hot in South Africa, so an air conditioned vehicle isn’t such a bad idea. Still, again each tour is different, and we’re going to start with African Flame Safaris.

According to a review of African Flame Safaris, the tours are run by friendly staff. You’re talking about visiting the wild parts of Africa with a guide, so you can just imagine what all you’re going to see. Is it the African elephants you want to see or some other type of wildlife? You surely want to discover it all, including the lush landscape and picturesque scenery. It’s not like what you’re used to seeing at home of course. Next up on the list of African Safaris is Summit Tours and Safaris.

Summer Tours and Safaris is a Day Tour service, just like the African Flame Safaris. This is the one that had the picture of the hybrid ATV vehicle that looked neat. The first tour has a 5 star rating on a top travel site, and Summer Tours and Safaris has a 4.5 star average rating. Those ratings say something about these two top Nelspruit Safaris. Not merely 50 yards away from one of the pictures with the ATV is a wild lion. Can you imagine that being right in front of you?

Did you know that you’re going to see Swaziland? Maputo is another favorite area when it comes to Nelspruit Safari tours. As you can imagine you’re going to want to get some souvenirs, and you want the best shops. One person reviewing this safari said that they had time to shop, which I’m assuming they did for collectibles and souvenirs to take back home to remind them of their safari tour in Africa.

I also spotted a picture of an enormous giraffe on the review site for this safari tour. But it’s time to look at the next one, which is African Spear Kruger Park Safaris. The first thing I saw on the review site was that enormous African elephant I was talking about earlier. There is also a lion and a tiger. I’m sure you’ll find much more during this exotic safari day tour adventure.

It’s interesting to note that this safari tour has no bad ratings, just like the other ones. It’s average rating on this review site is five stars, and that’s not just with a few reviews but many of them. That means you know you’re going to have an exciting time. When do you come face to face with larger than life animals you’d otherwise see at a zoo? You can look at videos of these top adventures and see even more of what you can expect.

The videos will give you a visual, and then you will be excited about booking your African safari adventure. Now, the next tour to look at is Kruger Flexi Tours. The first thing I saw when it comes to this safari was an enormous strange looking armadillo. I’ve seen armadillos in Texas, but this thing has its own zip code people. Not only does this safari tour also have top ratings with an average of five stars, just like its predecessors, it has even more ratings.

Just to give you an idea of what I mean by ratings, this place had 82 ratings. Now that’s a good sample for a five star average rating, but it’s not thousands like some people. Well, that is what makes an African safari tour so special. It’s not everyone that is going to be able to take an adventure like that. Some people are too busy doing what everyone else does or what’s ‘normal.’ Why not try an exotic vacation with an African safari tour, or two, or three.

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